Using The Chat

Introduction To Chat

Exorace uses an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service that is provided by Mibbit. The chat system is quite straightforward to use, however there are certain commands that can be used to interact with it.

The nicknames of Exorace players on the chat usually contain the prefix "[exo]" allowing us to easily identify one another, however it is possible to remove this by changing your nick name.

The chat can be accessed in two ways. The first is through the "Chat" option on the ingame menu. The other is by registering with mibbit and joining through their website using the channel "#exorace".

The Chat Team

On the main chat, these users are responsible for keeping the peace, enforcing the chat rules and dealing with any problems that occur. All members of the chat team can be identified by the symbols used to show that they have OP and higher access levels.

If you have reason to be offended over someone's use of the chat whilst no members of the chat team are online, contact Firefly68 via pm on the Exorace forum. Include the situation, your chat name, the other person's chat name and a log of the chat (copy and paste) in question.

The chat team is as follows:

  • Firefly68 - Channel Owner and lead moderator
  • Wisconsin - Channel Operator

If you have any problems with the chat team, or feel that you have been treated unfairly then you should consult Firefly68 or the exorace Admin, preferably by the forum. Alternatively, you can create a post on the forum.

The exorace Admin can be contacted via pm on the forums (username Admin) or by email:

Chat rules

Reading and meeting these standards is required to get a proper functioning of the chat. The breaking of any of the rules detailed below will be punished with a warning for the user. The chat team reserves the right to mute any users that continue to show disregard for these rules and in some circumstances, users will be punished with a temporary ban (time depends on the reasons for the expulsion and the attitude of the user).

  • Try to refrain from changing your nickname too much on chat as this can be confusing to other users as well as being annoying by filling up the chat window and effectively becoming spam.
  • English is the official language of Exorace and any chat messages should therefore be in English.
  • Any lack of respect for users and moderators is forbidden. Every human being deserves respect. We allow criticism of course, but always with respect. Since Exorace is a competitive game, and everyone (including the chat team) like to mess with each other, this rule is a little lenient but you should try to avoid talk that is excessively insulting.
  • Spam is prohibited. Also spamming about the game in other channels is definitely not allowed as it could get us banned from using the mibbit servers.
  • You are not allowed to post messages with obscene or offensive content including swearing.
  • No content of an adult nature should be posted. Children could be playing.
  • Any illegal content will be punished with a ban (permanent or temporary) depending on the seriousness of what was posted.
  • Try to avoid excessive capitalisation in chat messages as this is considered shouting and comes across poorly.
  • The use of colour and font styles in chat is permitted but users should choose a colour that is easy to see on a white background and should not change styles too often.
  • Do not make public accusations about players that you suspect of multi-accounting, exploiting bugs or otherwise breaching the in-game rules. Any suspicions should be sent an email to or via a private message in the forum to Admin with any evidence that you can provide. Admin will then look into the matter.

If you think that their is an error in the chat rules then create a post in the Exorace forum where it can be discussed by members of the game community.

The Chat Interface

The majority of the interface is dominated by the main chat window. This is where any messages will occur.

At the top of the chat interface you will see a line of tabs. Each of these tabs is a chat channel. One of these tabs will be called "#exorace". This is the main chat channel for exorace and it is where you will appear when first logging onto chat. Other channels can also be opened via the commands that will be stated below.

To the right of the chat window is a list of user names for players that are online in the chat and players that are idle. Some users will have a symbol next to their names and will appear at the top of the list. These users are the chat operators. Think of them as moderators of the chat channel. By clicking on any member of these lists, you can send them a Private Message (PM), Ignore them, carry out a "Whois" command (see below) or ban them if you have a sufficient level of access on the channel.

Below the chat window is the box that is used to enter a message. Type in your message and press the <Enter> key to send it.

Below the input box is a selection of smilies and colours that can be used to customise the chat.

Some Useful Commands for Normal Users

Emote Command

The emote command can be used to create the appearance of your nickname doing something, an emote.

Syntax: /me did something

Appearance: YourNick did something

Registering Your Nickname

Whilst not necessary to chat, it is often a good idea to register your nickname in order to prevent other users from using it.

Syntax: /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email>

Enter this when you are using the nickname you would like to register. Replace <password> with the password you want and do not include the "<>".

Confirming a Nick Name

Once you have registered a nickname it is necessary to confirm it using a code received at the email address you specified. Sometimes the code will not appear immediately but you should check your junk/spam filters.

Syntax: /msg nickserv CONFIRM <confirmation code>

Enter this when you have registered the nickname that you are using.

Changing a Nickname

It is possible to change your nickname in the chat.

Syntax: /nick <newnick>

Away Command

The away command is used to specify that a user is not using the chat whilst still being logged on to it.

Syntax: /Away <optional message>

Whilst not necessary, the "/back" command informs users you are back.

Join/Create a Channel

The join command can be used to join to another channel. If the channel that you are trying to join does not exist, then you will create a channel with the name you specify.

Syntax: /join <channel>

Be aware that all channel names should begin with a "#" e.g. #exorace, #chat etc

It is possible to join non-exorace related channels through the mibbit client. We ask that all users respect general rules so that they do not get the exorace channel banned.

When starting a new channel, you will be assigned operator status (see below for more information and syntax), unless you join a channel that someone else has registered with the chat provider, in which case it is advisable to find a new channel.

Invite Command

The invite command is used to invite a player to a channel. It is ideal when inviting people into a private channel (see Channel Modes for how to set channel to invite only).

Syntax: /invite PlayerName

You should include the [exo] prefix before the player's name where applicable.

Other Commands

That covers most of the commonly used normal user commands however a more comprehensive list can be found at the mibbit wiki.

In addition to the wiki you can also ask in the main chat channel, or you can join the mibbit help channel by typing: " /join #help "

Chat Operators

As stated above, some users of the chat channel can be assigned a higher level of chat access than the rest.

On the main exorace channel, these users are referred to as the chat team or chat moderators.

When you create a new channel, you are automatically assigned the level of Operator.

Common Operator Commands

Some of the more useful Operator Commands are:

Kick Command

Syntax: /kick <nickname>

This command forces the given nickname to leave the chat channel. It can not be used on someone with a higher access level.

Promote User To OP

Syntax: /op <nickname>

This command will promote the user to the access level of OP. They will loose the access level upon leaving the channel.

Channel Modes

There are also a few channel modes that can be controlled by chat operators.


       /mode <channelname> + <mode>
       /mode <channelname> - <mode>

The use of + will turn the mode on, and the use of - will disable the mode. Some useful modes are:

i       The channel becomes invite only
g       Turns on channel censorship
N       Prevents nick changes on the channel
V       Prevents users being invited to the channel